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Posted By admin on 07/08/13 - Bookmark Natasha Shy


I live a pretty good life. While my friends are going to work and have to act civilized I can whip my cock out at any moment and rub one out to some hot teenage girls like Natasha Shy kissing their friends. My work environment has nothing to do with politically correctness. Shit, I am writing this post in my pajamas while drinking a beer!


Watching two girls explore their sex is so natural. I had two girls that were very interested in my cock when I was in high school. I was just as interested in their body parts as well. We spend countless hours experimenting with each other. It is because of those times that we are all such good lovers in the bed for our current partners.

On NatashaShy.com you can sit back and see how the girls naughty nature plays itself out. Each video has high resolution pics. There are hundreds of girls in the network and almost 10,000 videos. Joining Natasha is like joining forced with a tidal wave of porn!

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Most people don’t realize that Natasha Shy got her start on a multi-model site called 18 Only Girls. While she does have plenty of content from when she was 18 years old on her own site, the content on 18 Only Girls is even younger. Not that it is illegal or anything. It is just that she is only days over her 18th birthday on that site.

Looking at her picture above I would have to say that my first prom date looking older and she was a Sophomore in high school. Boy would I ever like to get back into her panties! Natasha makes a nice stand in though. Her blue panties look so cute and sexy at the same time.




Tell me you wouldn’t want to stick your hand in those!



During my prom date we got a hotel room and fucked on just about every surface we could. Back in those days we would fuck three or four times a day. Seeing pics of Natasha from NatashaShy.com brings back some really good memories for me. I hope they serve you well too.

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Posted By admin on 05/18/13 - Bookmark Natasha Shy


I have written a lot about Natasha Shy here. This isn’t too odd since this blog is about her after all. This post is going to be about a girl I found on Photodromm Models. Her name is Caesaria A and she is gorgeous. While being gorgeous she is also soft and cute at the same time. A girl that isn’t too far out of your league that you shouldn’t try.

With Photodromm Models you can hunt down the hot girls you love across multiple sites even if the girls change their names for each site. I don’t know why girls would do this sort of thing, but certain sites seem to have girls under all kinds of names.

Sites like MetArt have hundreds of models in thousands of galleries and videos. Everything is in extreme-HD. The pictures are so big you will want to download them as ZIPs because they take a while even on broadband. You can zoom them in so a girls vagina takes up the entire screen and is still crystal clear.

The picture above comes from a Caesaria A Metart gallery, but they made me shrink it down a bit. The original is 38MP. Think about that. A great pic can be turned into a nice glossy 8×10 on a 12MP camera. This thing is 38MP. You could print it out into a floor to ceiling poster if you wanted to!

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Posted By admin on 01/17/13 - Bookmark Natasha Shy


Most girls outgrow their training bras before they are juniors in high school. Not Natasha Shy. She still has very perky small boobs that don’t quite fill out a normal bra all of the way.

In these free pictures from YoungPorn.com we get to see Natasha in a polka dot pattern bra and panty set. Her petite body still looks nubile in more ways than one. We already talked about her small titties so I will move on to her thin arms and legs. Natasha likes to play tag in the park so her body is very athletic. Not even the boys can keep up with her!

This girls little fanny hasn’t changed much since middle school. A lot of her friends "filled out" back there, but not Natasha. Her little booty is still very firm. One of her teachers noticed that while fucking her from behind he felt like he could almost touch his finger tips when clamping his hands around her hips. She is that skinny.

Along with being a skinny girl Natasha is a limber girl. She loves to try out new positions. She also likes to wrestle. Again, she gives the boys a run for their money there too!




Get more of Natasha Shy on YoungLegalPorn.com. The site recently changed its name just to assure everybody they aren’t some kind of sicko company. The girls there might look like jailbait, but they are all over the age of 18!

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Posted By admin on 10/31/12 - Bookmark Natasha Shy
xBabyXKayx_1 xBabyXKayx2 xBabyXKayx4
xBabyXKayx3 xBabyXKayx(2)

I found this girl while searching for petite web cam girls. Once I got to the site I was presented with a bevy of girls that I needed to whittle down. This cam site had a number of options to choose from so I went with 18-20 years old, Caucasian, petite, blonde and small tits. After that she just peculated to the top of the stack.

It really was that easy!

Lucky for me, or should I say her, this camgirl was currently online and ready to chat. Since out first encounter a lot of changes have happened in both of our lives.

For instance, I am no longer single. Yeah for me right? Actually, it is a yippee because my GF doesn’t mind me chatting with cam girls!

xBabyXKayx also had some news to share with me. She went and got herself knocked up. For months she didn’t even show. But then the bump came and I began to wonder. Could I still talk to a pregnant camgirl? Would I even want to?

As it turns out I am a man and that means… I could, can and still do, and so can you!

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Natasha Shy reminds me of a little dirty nymph teen I once knew. I was friends with her brother and over time I became the family’s second son. Once while I was over doing on homework on the couch their daughter came into the room wearing only her panties and a t-shirt with no bra. This was somewhat normal since, again, I was considered to be like a brother to her.

She flopped down in a bean bag in front of me reading a book. Natasha was facing away from me and I could barely make out the lip of her pussy because the legs of her panties were stretched out. I could feel my dick getting hard and I stopped doing my homework.

Natasha must have sensed the quietness since I had stopped writing and erasing with my pencil. She turned to look back at me and I quickly looked back down at my book and notepad. Inside I wanted to kick myself because I knew I had flinched back to what I was supposed to be doing instead of transitioning smoothly.

The object of my affections turned back and continued to read her book. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her reach back to scratch herself. When her hand returned to her book I thought I saw even more of her pussy lip. Sure enough when she had scratched herself Natasha’s panties fell open enough to show me her pink slit!

To my amazement she slowly humped her hips up and down. Not enough to be definitive about her intensions, but plenty enough to make me wonder. Was she doing this on purpose or thinking of a tune in her head?

Suddenly Natasha Shy got up and headed towards her room locking the door. My cock told me to go follow her and I did. My buddy and I had carved a hole in the wall between the two rooms so we could spy on her and her friends during their slumber parties. It was time for me to do a solo recon mission.


When I pulled the picture away and peered inside her room I found that she was laying on her bed reading her book. I tried to make out the title and it looked like something sexually suggestive. Was she reading a naughty book?



As Natasha read her finger slipped into her panties and she began to roll it slowly over her clit. I opened my zipper and let my cock out so I could join her. After several minutes went by she put her book down and slid her panties off over her legs.

I had never seen her pussy before. Natasha had a pink pussy with very small lips. I could see a lot of wetness around her vulva and every once in a while she dipped her finger inside before bringing it back, newly glistening in her juices, to rub her clit.

After several more minutes I pulled one of my socks off and shot my load into while she bucked her hips like she did on the bean bag. Her orgasm seemed so powerful. I wanted to experience that with her some day. Right then it was time for me to borrow a clean sock and get back into the living room before anybody came home.

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Posted By admin on 10/09/12 - Bookmark Natasha Shy


Girls are so naive and gullible that it is almost funny. I once told a girl that fucking from behind meant a couple has having anal sex. That night we were watching the Playboy channel where they don’t show penetration and each time a guy fucked a girl from the back I told her he was fucking her ass. In most cases the girl was playing with herself so you couldn’t see what was really going on, but I told her that the girls played with themselves because it feels good to cum with a cock in their butt. Much better than when its in their pussy.

After several days I caught my girlfriend fucking her butthole with two fingers from behind while she rubbed her clit with her other hand. I didn’t tell her I’d caught her doing this though. Instead I nutted in a pair of discarded panties she had on the floor and exited the room before she finished.

Over time this girl became a swinger and she would let me fuck her ass while she ate another girl out. I would always feel her fingers colliding with my balls as I pumped her ass watching her tongue another girls clit. When she came she practically passed out. I think it was just the power of suggestion. I told her what to expect and she did the rest!

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Posted By admin on 08/15/12 - Bookmark Natasha Shy

Girls are going to experiment. That is just the nature of things. Give a girl a pocket and she is going to fill it up with stuff. They do the same thing with purses. Natasha Shy decided to take some time out and experiment by masturbating with a coke bottle. What a deviant little vixen she is!

Natasha Shy got this strange idea from watching videos on a site a girl from school showed her called FTV Girls. On it the girls used huge rubber dildos that stretched their pussies super wide. Natasha wanted to see how far her own pussy could stretch.

If you like watching barely legal girls carry on in natural ways you are going to love your membership to NatashaShy.com! All you have to do is join!

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Posted By admin on 07/24/12 - Bookmark Natasha Shy


Oh alright. I will admit it. I was a member of the tennis club in high school only because I wanted to look at girls in skirts all day long. Tennis girls have some of the most remarkable bodies. And they always seem to have a hungry vagina because their pussies always eat the shorts they were under their skirts!

Natasha Shy is one of those skinny girls you would see back then on the courts. While watching the games I would undress each and every one of those girls with my eyes. Of course with Natasha you don’t have to dream because she is a reality!



Watch this nubile teen strip her body clean of all of those pesky clothes so you can see every square in of her barely legal goodness!


This girl can get pretty kinky. One of her favorite pastimes was watching boys pee while they watched her. She is still very much into it!



Are you really going to say no to those nubile breasts? I bet you haven’t seen a set this perky in decades!

Natasha Shy update several times a week and if you get the upgrade you can see her friends like Sasha Blonde and full sites like 18 Only Girls!

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Posted By admin on 03/05/12 - Bookmark Natasha Shy


Natasha Shy wants have a relationship with you. No, you won’t be going to the movies together. You also won’t be going to dinner any time soon. That isn’t the kind of relationship this little nubile princess wants to have with you. She is thinking more along the lines of a masturbation-based relationship!

You see, whether or not you realize it, Natasha Shy has a relationship to every member of her site. You jackoff thinking about Natasha and those perky tits of hers. You dream of going balls deep into her pussy while she grinds her clit on the base of your cock!

So would it surprise you to know that Natasha’s favorite masturbation fantasy involves knowing that guys are masturbating about her? Natasha’s pussy gets wet as she wonders who is going to be touching himself while he watches her videos. She cums while thinking about guys like you dreaming of being deep inside her pussy!

It is time to consummate your relationship with this barely legal teen. She is waiting for you to cum all over her tiny breasts. She dreams of tasting your spunk!

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Posted By admin on 11/10/11 - Bookmark Natasha Shy

Natasha Shy and her friend showed up to Sasha Blonde‘s house expecting to get some kind of hazing, but nothing could have prepared them for what happened on that day!

It was the last hurdle in the cheerleader tryouts. The girls had to prove to the senior girls that they could perform all of the duties a cheerleader is expected to fulfill in order to keep school spirit in tip-top shape. Natasha got a little bit nervous when they made the girls remove their training bras.

The cheerleaders at her school had started a tradition years ago that is still upheld to this day. Before the big game against the football teams bitter rivals, the cheerleaders blow the boys the night before they play their game. If they win the game, they get to date the girl that sucked their cock for the rest of the year!

Natasha and her friend each bent down and began learning the art of sucking hard cock. After several minutes they both learned and demonstrated the keys to giving a good blowjob!

Next up, stretching out their pussies so they can fit that fat jock cock into them!

Get more teen blowjob videos at Natasha Shy!

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Posted By admin on 11/10/11 - Bookmark Natasha Shy


Teens have sex. It is a fact of life. Throughout history parents, and society as a whole, have tried to secure teen girls and keep their virginity intact, but it has always been to no avail. Girls like Natasha Shy have an insatiable lust for cock and they are willing to go to great lengths to have teen sex!


I used to bang teen girls like Natasha Shy back in the day. It’s been a long time since I got to put my hand into a young girl’s panties. With my NatashaShy.com membership I can sweep the dust off of those old memories. Both the teen sex videos and the photo sets are crystal clear!



Check it out! Natasha wants to swallow his cock whole!



She didn’t know men were so much bigger than the boys in her school…


If you play your cards right she might let you stick it in her bum!

Watch Natasha have sex with the boys from school and the girls from her old girl scout troop. Download everything in the NatashaShy.com members area. Watch even after you cancel. You have nothing to lose and lots of ways to gain!

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Posted By admin on 11/10/11 - Bookmark Natasha Shy


When it comes to lesbian girls and their makeout videos there is a common problem. Realistic open mouth kissing… or lack thereof.

The only sites featuring real girls having real sex always seem to have ugly girls – until now. With a password to Natasha Shy you get unlimited access to hundreds of videos and thousands of photos of teen girls sharing their most private moments.

These aren’t washed up drug addicts… though they are a bit thin… These are hot, young, petite teenage girls. They are barely legal and ready to please!


The girls at NatashaShy.com wear their real clothes. View them wearing their wet cotton panties and A-cup training bras. The material is so thin you can see their rock hard nipples and tight little cunnies.



If you think the pics are hot, wait until you watch the crystal clear videos!




Get your password and start enjoying Natasha Shy and all of her cute girlfriends. Grab the 18 Only Girls pass and you can watch Natasha and all of her solo models friends for one low price!

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Lots of teen sites claim to have real girls from next door. None of them can hold a candle to Natasha Shy and her solo model site. She adds new picture galleries and teen girl videos of her and her friends’ Nubile bodies wearing training bras for their small A-cup tits and cute cotton panties on their young frames.

Her long legs and petite body make her look younger than she really is. You would think she was just barely graduating high school, but she is old enough to be in college. Of course she didn’t go that route and we are all better for it!





In this picture set Natasha Shy and Alice Wonderbang share each others bodies. They lick and kiss on each others nipples before giving complimentary orgasms to one another!

With a password to 18 Only Girls you can get lot of solo models and tons of new models several times a week. The girls do softcore and hardcore to keep things interesting!

See more of this kinky little morsel at NatashaShy.com!

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